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Kite Flying Festival

Kite flying festival is celebrated by the people of Rajasthan especially in Jaipur and Bikaner with regional cultural tradition and traditional flavor. Usually it is organized for celebration in April/May, date relying on Hindu calendar and is one of its kind festivals in India which attracts the best kite flyers and kite lovers of the world to participate in this unique festival to show their kite flying skills. The fervor of the people for this festival is so high that they don't care of slightly hot weather or sand-storms but celebrate this festival with zeal and vigor. Various sizes, colors and shapes of kites fly in sky and sky remains full of kites to the utter delight of the viewing public.

People of all ages join this momentous fest. This is three-day mega festival. During the festival, two distinct segments of events take place - the kite flying competition and the exhibition flying. Kite flying competition is passionate rivalry between kite flyers comprising of trophies and awards for best kite flyers. While in exhibition flying, proficient kite flyers from all over the world are take opportunity to exhibit their unusual kite flying proficiency and competence.

On this occasion, special dish of the day-'Khichari' and 'Imlani' are prepared by the people. Preparation of 'Khichari' (local dish) is made by half-broken rice, whole Moong Dal (a pulse) and Ghee boiled in salted water. A sweet & sour tamarind liquor spotted by powder mixture of Jeera (cumin seed), Pudina (mint leaves) and Ilaichi (cardamom) is also prepared called 'Imlani'. Fascinatingly, this cheerful food is quite like a patient's diet that suites all kinds of people very nutritiously and this is easy to digest, healthful and appetizing too. 'Imlani' is not only lip smacking but also an instant energy supplier. Indeed this is a pulsating and exceptional way of celebrating the festival at magical city of Jaipur and desert city of Bikaner.

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